+20 Why Am I Seeing Black Dots After Cataract Surgery References

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+20 Why Am I Seeing Black Dots After Cataract Surgery References. Black spots in vision post vitrectomy. Here are some of the possible causes of black spots or lines in the vision of the eyes that include the following:

Distorted Vision & Spots after Cataract Surgery
Distorted Vision & Spots after Cataract Surgery from cataract-surgery-information.blogspot.com

However, it won't affect the eysight. She had 60% improvement in the vision after the surgery and her doctor mentioned that she should completely recover in couple months. Many times patients will complain of dozens of black floaters that seem to appear as specks of dust, some larger and some smaller.

Others Describe Eye Floaters After Cataract Surgery As Looking Like Black Spiderwebs.

Patients with larger, denser and/or firmer cataracts are more likely to experience more inflammation. It is all so scary. The two most common 1.

Most Of The Time, This Is Caused By Normal Swelling In The Eye Which Occurs As A Part Of Surgery.

These symptoms could be consistent with a posterior vitreous detachment, which is a natural and very commonplace occurrence, but can be associated with a tear in the retina. As we grow, the number of eye floaters increases gradually. That is why i had the initial surgery.

If You Have Had Cataract Surgery, You May See Spots Afterward.

The surgery includes removing the affected lens from the eye and adding an artificial lens that will help you see crystal clear again. So, if you’ve had cataract surgery and you see a dark area off to the side, don’t worry! Why you’re seeing black spots:

Vitreous Floaters, Black Spots That Move When The Eye Moves And Are Present Most Of The Time 2.

When these microscopic strands clump together, they create eye floaters, which block the light going into your eye. I will read the article. My mother recently had vitrectomy in one eye and she took good care of her eye post operation as instructed by he doctor.

The Normal Eye The Human Eye Is Like A Hollow Globe Filled With Fluid.

Positive dysphotopsia is unwanted light, such as a streak, starburst, flicker, fog or haze, and negative dysphotopsia is a black line or crescent in the far periphery of patients. Therefore, eye floaters can be considered as a sign of aging vitreous. It is very common to have blurry or unclear vision in the days and sometimes even weeks after cataract removal.

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